First Session: 1h 15 mins

The work plan is divided into different sessions whose duration and intensity will vary depending on the objective to be worked on. We detail below the plan that we follow during the Academy.

There will be eight different skill stations where players will be able to work on their Individual technique in order to improve and perfection all the skills of the basketball game. Players will work on two different stations every day.

    1. Grip/Ball control
    2. Bouncing
    3. Shooting
    4. Passing
    5. Handling
    6. Exits
    1. Feet game
    2. Defence

An explanation of the skill to be worked will be followed by drills and games about that particular skill. In order to master those basketball skills, players will have the chance to experience real scenarios as close as possible to a real game same situation. In addition, video evidence will be used to help players to perfect their skills.

Afternoon Sessions: 2h 15 mins

We will do free collective game competition according to the players level (3×3 and 5×5), depending on the day.

We will show our improvements every day in the Previous Phase of the Individual competition: Free shots, 1×1, Triples, Skill Challenge.

Sunday 30th we will use this time space for the collective and individual finals, as well as the All Star.


See schedules on PDF (*2018, 2019 schedules will be uploaded soon):

Pau Gasol Academy
PGA Rising Stars

Second Session: 1h 15 mins

After the first session, players will take part in one of the four collective games, where they will work on the following concepts:

  1. Back door / space lecture
  2. Indirect Block
  3. Direct Block
  4. Collective defense

15 minutes break.

Third session: 45 mins

Players will apply all the concepts learned on the first two sessions playing small sided games (3×3 and 5×5). We will introduce a game for each concept. Then we will revise their actions using the video analysis so that players can then see themselves and can improve their decision making.


Sunday 30th June


Finals of the different competitions of the training week:

  • 1×1 game.
  • 3×3 game.
  • 3-point contest.
  • Free-throws.
  • Pau Gasol’s Shooting Drill.
  • 5×5 Semi final.
  • 3-point contest.
  • Dunk contest.
  • Final game. Pau Gasol’s Future Stars Game.
  • Closing ceremony – prizes and awards.