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If you have any other issue, please, fill  our incident form and we will help you in 24h.

Go to and you will be able to access your PRIVATE AREA from the top right. Starting on June 28th you will be able to see new content every day.

No, you will receive communications via e-mail with the language you have selected, but you will be able to follow the Academy’s program without any problem. All the contents are in two languages (English/Spanish) to help you enjoy and ensure you can follow the program easily.

No. Each player profile must have its own access email.

Training videos will be posted from 9am (CET) in your private area. Every day you will work on your technical skills with top coaches. Important: the training session of the day will only be available 24h on the virtual platform, but you will be able to do it all day long.

Training sessions are designed so that you can do them in a park by your house, in the nearest basketball court… any location will work.

You will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone to watch the video and to solve the game we propose after you have finished the session.

No, but the more exercises you do, the more points you will score to get the prizes and be able to talk live with Pau and his guest of the day.

You will receive the day’s schedule according to the level you chose, but you will always have the rest of the levels available in case you want to test yourself and get ahead.

We will post the video with the healthy challenge every day in your private area starting at 12:30 pm (CET) but you will be able to watch it and complete the challenge throughout the day, whenever you prefer.

Every day at 7pm (CET) you have a video conference with Pau through Zoom. We recommend you download the application. Watch out for surprise connections!

Of course, every day we will have several winners who will be lucky enough to have a virtual meeting with him.

No, it’s completely optional, but when you make the purchase you will have access to exclusive content

Make sure your mail is not left in the spam folder, and make sure you have space in your mailbox. If you’ve done all those tests and still don’t receive it, report the issue to us.

Every morning you will receive the day’s schedule by email. It will also be available on the web and social media.

In the CONTEST ZONE you can check the ranking and every morning we will send you an email so you can check the ranking of the previous day. If you are lucky enough to win, you will receive a personalized e-mail with the prize notification.

It is not mandatory, but to be able to speak live with Pau in the daily ZOOM you must have done the 3 contests of the section.

In the description of the competition it will be specified, you can also find it in the personalized legal bases for each of the competitions.

Of course, our team will contact all the winners so that we can process the order in all parts of the world. We ask for patience, due to the current state, the shipments will be made between August and September.

No, our computer team will already be watching 24h to check that there are no traps in the contests. If we detect any infringement we will contact the user and automatically expel him/her from the virtual Academy.

No, you can only play once in each of the contests.

In this case, the player who has completed the contests in the shortest amount of time will come first.

Check that you have a good wifi signal, if it is a problem of the web you can contact withour computer team at the end of this document to be able to solve the problem in 24h.

At the end of the week all those who have reached 100 points will receive a prize from the Pau Gasol Virtual Academy by Santander.

Automatically after each contest is over the top 100 will receive points, which will be displayed in the contest environment at the top right of your screen.

All videos will be checked before they are posted on the web platform. If we find something that we deem inappropriate we reserve the right not to upload the video. In each contest we will indicate the maximum length that the video can have, in case it lasts more than the allowed time we reserve the right not to upload the video on the web platform.

No, each person can only play with their registered account at the Pau Gasol Virtual Academy by Santander.

An email will be sent automatically informing you that you have won the competition and within a maximum of 24 hours our team will contact you to arrange the delivery of the prize won in each case.

Of course, it is not mandatory to participate in all competitions.

In the legal bases you will find the scoring process explained, which is carried out by computer without the option of any kind of cheating.

You can’t since the questions alternate and there is a very extensive database where the questions will rarely be repeated.

Of course, at any time you can check your ranking and see if you have moved up or down any positions.

The competitions will be in Spanish and English.

You can’t since the questions alternate and there is a very extensive database where the questions will rarely be repeated.

Of course, our web platform is 100% adaptable to any device.

Correct, in order to be eligible for the prizes you will have to participate in all the competitions. In case you do not participate in the video upload contest you will not be eligible for prizes in the Train With contest.

Yes, every day of the Academy you will have different types of contests for each section: “Train with”, “healthy challenge” and “Pau & Friends”. Except for Saturday… there will be a big surprise.

If you have any other issue, please, fill  our incident form and we will help you in 24h.

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